StasyAlex FOREST BIRDS eyeshadow palette includes 39 colors. 15 matte, 9 satin, 1 atlas pearl, 5 sparkle textures sized 26x26mm, weighing about 3g and 4 colors sized 17x17mm, weighing about 1g, – eyeshadows with a chromashift effect – color changes depending on the light.
There are eyeshadows in the magnetic wooden pallet. The wooden palette is in a pull-out case with a fabric covering and a soft filling which gives additional protection to the palette of eyeshadows.

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FOREST BIRD is a palette of natural colors of different textures, for creating commercial makeup of any complexity. All the eyeshadows in the palette are distributed for convenient color combination, with a smooth transition from light to dark. Four colors with chromashift effect add special charm to the palette, diluting natural colors with saturated iridescence.

FOREST BIRDS is a palette inspired by the beauty of temperate birds’ plumage, the coloring of which pay attention with its severity, brevity and at the same time exquisite of colors, combination of subdued and saturated colors. FOREST BIRDS StasyAlex is the basic eyeshadows palette helping to create daytime and evening makeup, wedding and any other festive looks.

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Weight 1005 g
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 3.7 cm