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E11 FRUIT PIGEON – is a rich color palette, consisting of matte, velvet and shining textures with a chameleon effect. Tones of exotic fruits combined in this palette, creating the opposite split triad.

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111HCH – HALO CHAMELEON – is a transparent texture that reveals its effect when applied to a substrate. The darker the matte color, the brighter the shadow effect appears. These shadows must be applied with a brush, rubbing in.You can see the effect in the photo/video.

112LI – LAME IRIDESCENT – oily shining texture, which changes
colors depending on lighting, with a high concentration of radiant
113MS, 115MS – MATTE SILK – matte highly-pigmented eyeshadows with
soft, silky texture.
114A – ATLAS PEARL – soft, almost creamy texture with a glossy
pearlescent finish.

StasyAlex eyeshadow palettes are inspired by the beauty of a bird’s plumage.
Each palette represents an analogy with a specific bird and presents not only it’s color, but also it’s texture. Color palette combination – is the personification of natural beauty, the opportunity to create a variety of images: from nude to creative. StasyAlex shadows are the key to solving the rebus “from nature to human” and the embodiment of “bird make-up” into reality.

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