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LUMI GLAZE LG6 BRASS is a mid-tone pearlescent shade with a brass sheen. This color is the main one for blondes and brown-haired women, and it goes well with any eye color.
Add it to any MATTE GLAZE color, and you will have a new texture.

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LUMI GLAZE StasyAlex are liquid pearlescent pigments in universal, most necessary colors it is easy to apply and blend, and it is an excellent base for compact and loose eyeshadows.
LUMI GLAZE can be used:
In eye makeup:
— as a base for shadows;
For best results, apply it with a soft brush like C5 and C4 on a clean, flexible eyelid, blending towards the brow area. Concealer must first be applied to the brow area and shaded thoroughly.
Mix LUMI GLAZE and MATTE GLAZE for a long-lasting satin texture.
— for eyebrows;
Pearlescent textures are used to color the hairs, creating a variety of effects from natural to creative.
for face and lips:
— as a highlighter;
For best results, apply it with a sponge or a C3 soft brush, tapping it.
— to change the texture of the lipstick, giving it a radiant finish. Mix with MATTE GLAZE for the delicate shine of a satin lipstick.