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Miracle instantly converts your favorite makeup products into new workable formulas. Miracle mixing liquid is a product for changing the properties of cosmetics, as well as a diluent for waterproof cosmetics such as Matte and Lumi glaze.

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Improve your foundation and concealer formula with just one drop of Miracle (the result will depend on the original foundation). Use Miracle as a eyeshadow base for long lasting effect, as a face makeup primer for better foundation distribution and fixation. Mix StasyAlex Miracle with dry pigments or eyeshadows and get eyeliner or liquid eyeshadows.
Revitalize dried out waterproof textures by adding a drop of Miracle mixing liquid, and make it easy to blend waterproof pigments on your palette.
After drying on the skin, Miracle stays pliable, it doesn’t wrinkle or tighten the skin, while still it giving a waterproof finish.

Improve your cosmetics and create a customized, unique formula with Miracle mixing liquid.

It is recommended to use hydrophilic oil to remove waterproof cosmetics.

Don’t need to do:
❌ do not consume Miracle in food;
❌ do not inject into eyes or nose;
❌ do not leave the bottle of liquid mixing open;
❌ do not mix with oil textures;
❌ do not mix with water-based cosmetics such as Star Glaze.